Selection for the TENS for each year is based on scores achieved at Nominated Meetings and International Competitions as shown on the list of Nominated Meetings during the 'selection year', from October 1st until September 30th the following year.

To be considered for inclusion in TENS, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a current member of the ESSU and maintain that membership for the duration of the selection year. 
  2. Submit a ‘Notifice of Intent’ via this website or by email to the ESSU Performance Manager, (currently Craig Dower), stating the events for which you wish to be considered.
  3. Compete in at least 4 of the Nominated Meetings during the selection year, of which the ESSU Championships is required unless there is an acceptable reason for not attending.  This could include being unavailable because of GBR  representative duties.  Such absence must be notified to the Performance Manager in advance.
  4. Achieve a Minimum Consideration Score (MCS) in at least two separate Nominated Meetings during the selection year.  The probable dates of these nominated meetings are shown on this website.

The names of all who submit a Notice of Intent will be listed on a spreadsheet for each event nominated, which will be viewable by all Members on this website.  Additionally, all current members of TENS, and those members of our Rifle and Pistol Academies will be included.  The best four scores achieved at Nominated Meetings will be used to calculate an average which will be used for ranking purposes.  Only two scores achieved at competitions fired on 50m indoor ranges will be considered.  Scores achieved at domestic nominated meetings will be checked by an ESSU Committee member and the relevant spreadsheets updated.  Scores achieved at competitions held outside of the UK must be submitted by the individual concerned, or a link to a website displaying the official published results must be forwarded.  The onus is on each individual to check that their scores have been correctly recorded, and notify the Webmaster or the ESSU Performance Manager if there are any errors or omissions. 

If your Notice of Intent is submitted after the 1st October, or when there are an insufficient number of Nominated Meetings remaining in the current selection year, you will be included in the rankings for the following year.


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