The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which became effective on the 25th May 2018, requires all Members to be informed that their personal information is stored by electronic means.  The Regulations require personal data to be processed according to the following data protection principles:

o   Processed lawfully, fairly and transparently.

o   Collected only for legitimate purposes.

o   Be adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary.

o   Must be accurate and kept up to date.

o   Stored only for as long as is necessary.

o   Ensure appropriate security, integrity and confidentiality.

This Privacy Notice gives details of how personal information is stored and used:

What information is being/has been collected and how is it stored

All personal details of Members are held by the following three electronic means:

  1. A Membership Database in Microsoft Excel containing personal information that was provided by the individual with their initial membership application. These are: Name; Date of birth; Postal address; E-mail address; Telephone number(s) and relevant shooting disciplines.  Membership status; history, years in which membership held; method of paying annual subscriptions, STO, BBP, CHQ etc.; are added subsequently.  Any member can request an extract of the Membership Database showing all their personal information held, which will be sent to their registered e-mail address.
  2. On a Microsoft Outlook Contact list maintained by the Membership Officer, including names, e-mail, postal addresses and telephone numbers only. These are all individual records.  There are no contact-lists that contain e-mail addresses of all Members which can be used for simultaneous mass-mailing.  No information is recorded other than that shown on the Membership Database.
  3. A ‘personal profile’ for each Member on this website which can only be seen by the Webmaster and the person concerned. This is the same information as on the Database and was used to create a personal account, which can be viewed and amended by the Member at any time.  A user-name and password are provided for new members for their initial login, but these are not recorded elsewhere and should be changed during the first visit, if desired.  This is the only effective means by which a Member can keep their personal information accurate and up to date.  An account may be deleted on request but doing so will remove access to the Members Area and no future newsletters or messages will be sent.  

Access to the Members Area of this website is confined to current members.  Personal information of former members is retained on the Membership Database for two years in case they wish to re-join, after which they are deleted from the Database and this website.  The Database is securely backed up off-line.

How is personal information collected?

All personal information was provided by the applicant when joining the ESSU, if they have subsequently informed us of changes or if the Personal Profile has been updated.  Nothing has been or will be collected from social media sites, hearsay, or from anything concerning financial circumstances or medical history, which we have no knowledge of nor access to.

Why is it being collected?

E-mail addresses are required so that messages can be sent to individual members as necessary.  These are shown in the ‘personal profiles’, accessible in the Members Area of this website, and are used by its software to distribute newsletters and mailings to all subscribing members.  Members must ensure that their e-mail address is current to continue receiving those messages.   If they no longer wish to receive them, recipients have the option to ‘unsubscribe’, either directly on the message or by contacting the Webmaster.

Postal addresses are required for the printing of mailing labels to send Membership cards, clothing orders, etc., and to set up a personal account on the website for new members.

Telephone numbers are required to contact a Member directly.  This could be, for Team or Academy information or to ascertain the reason for an ‘undelivered’ e-mail, usually because an address has been changed without updating a personal profile.

Dates of birth, where provided, are necessary to compile a unique GBR ID number in the same format as the ISSF ID number.  The format is: ENGM0304199201 vis: Home Country (ENG, SCO, WAL, etc.); Gender (M or W); Date of Birth (ddmmyyyy); serial (01, 02, allows for the possibility of twins, triplets, or others who have the same DoB). 

Who will it be shared with / who has access to it?

The Database is accessible by secure electronic means only to the Secretary, Treasurer, TENS Performance and Teams Managers, Academy Head Coaches, Membership Officer and the Organiser of our Championships.  Access is removed once anyone ceases to perform those roles.  No information is shared with any organisation outside the ESSU.

How will it be used?

Those listed above require access to verify membership entitlements, including applications for our Academies, to organise representative Teams and to administer our Championships, including the dispatch of squadding-notices and preparation of results.  No personal details are used for any purpose other than those described in this Notice.  E-mails sent via the website software are personalised, addressed individually and do not include the addresses of other members.  The GBR ID number is used by the database for resolution of identical surnames and to automatically update the status of Juniors and Minors (under 18’s) for competition and Chaperone purposes.

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?

All personal information has been freely given and is available for viewing and amending by the individual concerned, so should cause no adverse effect because the information retained is in their own hands.  Access to the Members area of this website is by personal login, and individuals do not have access to the personal details of other members but can view a list of current and last year’s members showing a Name, Membership number and their Status only.

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?

The intended use of personal data described above is essential for the effective administration of the ESSU.  The use of electronic communication is the most efficient and cost-saving means of distributing information.  Any member who objects to the storage of their personal information by the means and for the purposes as described above must inform the Secretary or Webmaster and their information will be deleted.  Anyone having difficulties in viewing or changing their personal details electronically should inform the Webmaster who will make changes on their behalf.  


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