For those 'Full' or 'Supporter' Members who have set up a Standing Order for renewal of their membership, submission of an annual renewal form is unnecessary because your membership will be renewed automatically on receipt of the relevant subscription.  For the year commencing 1st February 2019, the annual subscription for a Full (shooting) member remains unchanged at £25.00, and for a 'Supporter' is £15.00.  If you have a Standing Order please ensure that it is the correct amount for the level of membership that you desire.

Supporter Members are those who no longer intend to qualify or compete as a member of an ESSU or England team but who wish to remain associated with the Union to aid our efforts to provide assistance and support to active shooters who desire to represent the ESSU or England in international competitions.  Supporters include partners or parents of our junior members and are a vital part of our Membership, whose annual fees enable us to continue to raising funds to support our primary objectives.

If you intend to post a cheque then please download, print and complete a renewal form and include this with your cheque. (PDF and MS Word versions available).

Subscriptions by the Faster Payment System (or BACS) should be made to our General account: 20-24-61, 60364894, quoting your Membership number and Surname as the reference: e.g. 2345Jones

We allow a concessionary period until 31st March for renewal, but you must be a current member to be included in an ESSU or England team or the TENS rankings.  If no fee is received by 1st April, membership will cease and you must re-apply for membership and pay the applicable joining-fee.

If you have any changes to your contact details, particularly your e-mail address, please update your profile on this website otherwise you will not receive any email reminders or notifications.
To do that, log-in as a Member, hover your mouse over 'Membership' and click on 'Edit Profile'.

If you have decided not to renew then we are sorry to see you go, but please send a brief e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be unsubscribed from the website and to prevent receipt of 'reminder' mailings.

New or former members should complete a new Membership application form, either on-line or by downloading and posting the form to the Address shown thereon.


Self-registration disabled. A user-account will be created automatically for new Members.


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