Anyone wishing to shoot for England or the ESSU as an individual or as part of a team must be a current Full Member of the ESSU.  'Supporter' members are not eligible.  Members of the current Team England National Squad (TENS) may enter individual competitions as 'England' but others may only represent England if they have been selected by the ESSU Teams Manager, or his deputy, at a specific competition.  With the exception of the Home Countries International matches, see below, selection to shoot for an England team is dependent on having achieved a Minimum Consideration Score (MCS)* in the relevant event.   Junior members may be entered in Junior events if the competition offers that facility, but may opt to compete in the Senior event if they have achieved the relevant MCS.  There are no 'Junior MCS's.  The over-riding policy is that no-one will be selected to represent England unless they have demonstrated a high standard of ability by achieving a MCS.  No-one will be entered in an England Team purely on the basis of 'making up numbers' if they are available.  All members teams representing England or the ESSU are expected to comply with the ESSU Team Code of Conduct as published on this website.  Members of the ESSU Rifle or Pistol Academies are required to agree to and sign the Academy Code of Conduct as a condition of Academy membership but are still bound by the Team Code when a member of a representative team.

Our selection criteria for the various competitions are as follows:

For Commonwealth Games, Commonwealth Shooting Federation and CSF (European Division) Championships.

The number of individual and team entries to these Championships is limited by the respective Rules.  Athletes selected to represent England, either as an Individual or as a member of a Team, will be selected primarily from those in the current Team England National Squad, (TENS) and additionally from those who have achieved a MCS in the relevant event.  To be eligible for selection for certain competitions, a lower MCS than that required to qualify for TENS may be set and published in advance.

CSF(ED) Rules allow additional athletes to be entered in a 'Development' category if range space allows.   ESSU Members who are not in TENS, have not have achieved a MCS, have not represented England as a full Team member during the past three years and who have not been selected for other Championship medal events may apply to the Teams Manager to compete in the Development category.

All competitors must comply with Article 25(1) of the CGF Rules in respect of eligibility, in that they must be Citizens or Subjects of the Country that they represent, (British, for Home Countries athletes).

For Home Countries International competitions

NSRA National Meetings (Bisley and Scotland)

Individuals are selected to shoot for England based on their performance during the early stages of those championships.
The number of members in each team are:-  Home Countries, 10 (+ 5 reserves);  Women, 5 (+2);  Junior, 3 (+2) if there are any entries from other Home Countries teams.

NSRA Championship meetings (Airgun and 50 metre)

Individuals are selected and entered in an England team by the ESSU Teams Manager before the competition, based upon having achieved a minimum consideration score*.   NSRA Rule 3.2 applies in respect of eligibility. Members who wish to be considered for selection must notify the Secretary of their intention to enter those meetings at least two weeks in advance.

For all other International competitions

England Team representatives must be approved by the Committee or the Teams Manager.  Additional Teams or Individuals who have not achieved the required MCS may be entered for ‘development’ purposes provided that this is permitted by the organisers, but will shoot as “England - ESSU” rather than as full England Internationals.

No-one purporting to represent England or the ESSU is permitted to enter any competition without the prior knowledge and consent of the Teams Manager or Secretary.

For non-International invitation competitions

If the ESSU is invited to participate in a specific competition, a notice will be e-mailed to Members who are known to participate in the relevant discipline(s).  All ESSU Members are entitled to apply for selection as a member of an ESSU team.  Selection will be based on known ability or the desire to introduce Members to competition for development purposes.  Members participating in these competitions will not class as having achieved full England International honours but will be presented with a suitable commemorative certificate.

*Minimum Consideration Scores

To be eligible for selection to representing England in International Competitions, athletes must be at a high level of ability that can only be evidenced by regular achievement of minimum scores applicable to each event at competitions nominated by the Committee and listed on this website.  This is designed to preserve the distinction of representing England as a senior International competitor without undervaluing the achievement of those who have done so previously.  Note that the MCS's are for Senior level of competition.  The Academy Head Coaches may decide to enter Junior (under 21) teams for development purposes if the competitions have the facility, and set a lower qualifying score, but these do not qualify for full England honours.

The currently required Minimum Consideration Scores can be viewed HERE



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