The Junior International was held at Bisley from 6th to 9th August, with 3 days of competitions following a day of training.

The ESSU Academy was proud to enter a junior men’s team, consisting of Tom Whyte-Venables, Max Stevens and Joe Baker, and individual representation from Toby Aberdeen, Kari Dougall and Emily Pascoe.

Despite stiff competition, the following medals were won:

Day 1:

Joe Baker Silver – 10m Grand Prix      Kari Dougall Bronze - 25m Sports Pistol

Kari Dougall and Joe Baker 600x800

Day 2:

Tom Whyte-Venables Silver – 25m Sports Pistol

Joe Baker Bronze – 25m Sports Pistol

Junior men’s team Silver – 25m Sports Pistol

Day 3:

All 3 of the junior men made the final of the 10m Air Pistol, finishing 4th, 5th and 6th 

Junior men’s team Gold – 10m Air Pistol - Joe Baker, Tom Whyte-Venables, Max Stevens

 Joe Tom Max 800x600

A very well done to all participants and thank you to Iqbal Ubhi, Margaret Thomas and Paul Taylor for your help and support in my first role as Team Manager.

Joe Iqbal Tom Viki Max 2 800x533

Vicki Tripney


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