Incorporating the English Championships*

 Will take place at the Lord Roberts Centre - Bisley

on: 5th- 7th May 2018

Entry-forms are now available for downloading


Entries will be processed in order of receipt.  Entry-fees may be paid by cheque or on-line banking.  See the Entry-forms page for full instructions.

These Championships are Open to all, but the title of ‘English Champion’, medals and trophies may only be won by those who are ESSU Members on or before 21st April

The ISSF Rulebook 2017 (2nd Printing) will apply to all events in that Women will fire the same number of competition shots as Men.  The 50m Prone Rifle event will be mixed gender, including a Final, and consequently there will be no separate Championship medals for women.

ISSF Rules modifications apply in respect of 25m Air Pistols.

Entries close Saturday 29th April 2018.  Entries after that date will be accepted, range space permitting, subject to a £5.00 late entry fee

This is a selection meeting for Team England National Squad, (TENS), and for GBR ranking.

The Rapid-Fire Pistol event will take place on Cheylesmore range and is limited to those who have authorisation for .22 pistols under s5 of the Firearms Act. Entries are limited to six (6) competitors. Similarly, the 25m Pistol Women event will be limited to 10 entries. National Squad candidates will have priority. 25m Air Sport Pistol events will take place at the Lord Roberts Centre.

ESSU Members to note:

Full (Shooting) Members will receive an automatic 10% discount on their entry fees.   However, Membership fees and the Championship finances are dealt with in separate bank accounts so if you wish to join or re-join DO NOT submit a membership application at the same time as posting or e-mailing an entry-form.  Membership applications or renewals must be processed, and the Championship entry software subsequently updated to apply a Members' discount.  Therefore, you MUST subscribe and be a Full ESSU member for at least seven days before submitting this entry-form otherwise you WILL NOT receive the discount.  Login and check your membership status in the Members section of the website.

If you want to join or re-join the ESSU, please click on the MEMBERSHIP tab and submit an on-line application.




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