If you are a current Member, your annual membership will be renewed automatically when payment of your annual subscription is received, either by BACS, Standing Order or by cheque to the Secretary.  Please confirm that you are renewing or cancelling your membership by using the Online notification form available under the Membership Renewal tab.  There is no need to download and post a form, just confirm your payment method so that we can check if this is not received. 

It is MOST IMPORTANT to keep your contact details updated in the EDIT PROFILE section, otherwise you will not receive e-mails or other correspondence from us.


If you wish to pay by cheque you should not use this form.  Return to the drop-down menu and select 'downloadable form' in your chosen format.  Print the form and complete manually then post it to the Secretary, enclosing your cheque.

Only use this form if you intend to pay your initial membership fee by bank transfer (BACS).

Your initial membership must be paid by cheque or electronic bank transfer but we would prefer renewal fees to be paid by a standing order on 1st February annually.  Applications received after 1st November will be granted Membership for the following year.  Your membership will be confirmed when we have verified your eligibility and received the fee.  A Membership card showing your membership number will be issued and you will be granted access to the Members Area of this website when you register and setup a password.   

On receipt of this application form we will notify you of our bank details and instructions so that you can make the payment.  The same bank details may subsequently be used to set up a Standing Order for future payments, using your allocated membership number as your unique reference.  Unfortunately the service charges of PayPal or credit card companies makes payment by these means uneconomic.

All members of the TENS, ESSU Academies or Development Squads must be current Members.    You must have been a full member at least seven days before you are eligible to compete in the English Championships or be selected for a representative team.

Our membership year is from 1st February to the 31st January.  If the current annual fee is not received by 1st April each year your membership will lapse.  Eligibility for ESSU and England teams, English Championships, Academies, etc.  and access to the Members area of this website will cease.

 The current annual membership fee is £15.00

Personal details

I declare that I am qualified for membership of the English Small-bore Shooting Union by virtue of either: 

I understand that once accepted as a Member I become registered as ENGLISH and that the following Rules apply for the purposes of eligibility for representative competitions:

  • for Home Countries matches: NSRA Rule 3.2
  • for Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships: CGF Rules, Article.24*

*Article 24 of the CGF Rules state that as a condition of entry to compete in the COmmonwealth Games, all competitors must be citizens or subjects of the Commonwealth Country that enters them.

I hereby apply for membership of the ESSU, and support its objectives.

If using this form, Membership fees must be paid by BACS.   Our bank details and a reference will be e-mailed to you on receipt of this application.



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Membership renewal

Membership subscriptions for 2017 now due.
If you have not set up a Standing Order, please pay by BACS or send a cheque to D Goodfellow.
(See details on renewal form)


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